Creinse brings in MTV program platform in Bangladesh

Creinse Limited, a leading brand innovation, music and entertainment company in Bangladesh, has secured a brand license and program license agreement with Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Asia, a division of Viacom Inc., a leading provider of ‘glocal’ entertainment content, to initiate MTV program syndication in Bangladesh. Under this agreement, Creinse Limited will market and produce MTV program content and produce localized MTV formats for the Bangladesh market.

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He is a musical icon who captivated this nation for over 30 years. His musical excellence has graced radio, television, film and countless live performances. He is without doubt a pioneer of the Bangladeshi Music Industry, he is none other than Kumar Bishwajit. This month we celebrate the musical journey of this legend.

After winning over millions around the world, Airtel presents MTV Chart Attack debuts in Bangladesh to bring you the top 5 local music videos of the week to fill your music appetite. Get a taste of the most followed songs and videos making the buzz across Bangladesh and your votes will either make or break them on the charts. Your very own VJ Anya, the first female VJ of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh will give you a candid look into the videos, giving you exclusive insights about the songs and play them for your pleasure.

Airtel presents MTV Chart Attack is all about the fans and their votes will decide the top five songs of the week. Fans can vote for their favorite songs by visiting Facebook/Airtel Buzz and Facebook/Creinse and “Commenting” the name of their favorite song from the top 10 song nominations. Every single “Comment” will be counted as a single vote. Fans can also vote by SMS. Fans need to type AMCA, then space, then type the code of the song and then send it to dedicated Airtel short code 16279. The SMS code of the songs can be seen during the airing of the episodes and on the Facebook pages of Airtel and Creinse. One can also vote through Radio Foorti dedicated SMS code. The 10 selected songs for listeners to nominate will be played in the Radio Foorti playlist and from there listeners can vote for nominating their choice. Through the SMS code, one can vote from any operator, where each SMS from different operators will be counted as 1 vote and every SMS from an Airtel number will be counted as 2 votes. Voting will start from Sunday 12.00 midnight after the show and end every Tuesday at 6.00pm.

There are no voting restrictions and fans can send as many votes they want to make their favorite video one of the Top 5 songs and videos of the week. Don’t forget to catch Airtel presents MTV Chart Attack, every Sunday at 11.30 pm exclusively on Maasranga Television.

Airtel presents My Celeb MTV, will feature the shining stars of the Bangladeshi music scene. But aren’t there so many other shows like this in the local television circuit? Well, there is a difference and it is the MTV ways. Airtel presents My Celeb MTV, is a unique show, which will feature not just the vocalists, but the composers, the musicians and even the lyricists.

The guests on the show will share their music aspirations on camera and talk about their musical cravings and favorites. The first male VJ of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh, VJ Yazdani will direct the viewers to the celebs and let the celebs take it over from there.

To spice up your experience, viewers will get a chance to send their message to their favorite celebs by entering the “Love My Star Note” contest. Fans can write a special note to their celeb about them and the show through the official Airtel Facebook page – Facebook/Airtel Buzz and official Creinse Facebook page - Facebook/Creinse. The best pick of the week will get an exclusive My Celeb MTV T-Shirt with the Celebs message and autograph. The winner will be featured in the official Facebook pages of Airtel and Creinse.

Don’t forget to catch Airtel presents MY Celeb MTV every Sunday at 11.00 pm exclusively on Maasranga Television, the official channel of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh.

Start your week with a dose of fresh international music videos of the most happening music performers from around the world, back to back on MTV Hits, for the first time ever in Bangladesh. Get updated on international hits grooving around the world. Take a nonstop ride on the musical rollercoaster, every Saturday at 11.00pm exclusively on Maasranga Television, the official licensed channel of MTV Program in Bangladesh



Talent Box is a unique platform and an initiative of Creinse Limited for promoting talented aspirants of the local music scene. Every month Creinse will promote a musical talent to lend them a hand to help them move forward towards their musical aspirations. The featured artists and or bands will be promoted on the official Creinse website, Creinse Facebook page and the official Facebook pages of VJ Yazdani and VJ Anya, the official VJs of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh.

This artist has a very interesting relationship with the guitar; he got hold of the instrument a decade ago out of curiosity and a few years later he found himself performing in front of thousands of people. He gained recognition for acts like Severe Dementia, songwriting credits for Ostitto and in 2011-12, as a guitarist and composer of prominent folk Band, Lalon and he is Shaik Salekin. Along with likeminded dreamers, he found the Band 12AM and contributes there as the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. The year 2014, saw his first solo song “Sukhi Manusher Gaan”, a critically admired number which became one of top played radio songs in two months. Salekin’s music and lyrics is truly outstanding and this charisma has earned him our Talent Box featured artist for the month of September, 2014.

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