Music is the spirit that has driven Creinse to unparallel heights in the Bangladeshi music scene and like its dictum, Creinse have created new pathways in its musical endeavor.

In June 2012 breaking the musical conventions, Creinse staged a talent show with a leading local television channel, Channel 9 “Sing with MLTR”, of which the coveted winner selected by MLTR themselves got the opportunity to sing with MLTR. Through the contest, Fatiha Z. Paula became the first musical performer ever from Bangladesh to perform with an international band on centre stage, where she sang ‘Salvation’ with MLTR.

More surprises are in the bag and the brainstorming continues. Await the new trail of music endeavors from Creinse.

Creinse is a dreamer and has the ability to bring those dreams to life. In the world of music, Creinse has always taken the most thrilling roads and will continue to speed through to new path of musical innovation.