Meet Creinse

Meet Creinse

Creinse is a company that cannot be confined in a definition. The diversity of Creinse is only exceeded by its creative thirst to think and create projects that have never done before in Bangladesh. With the motto of “we will amaze ourselves and amaze others”, Creinse aspires to explore and accomplish things, which hasn’t been thought of or have been ventured into by any. Creinse will indulge only in unique and first of its kinds.

Creinse describes itself as by no means an advertising agency, nor an event management company, nor a creative agency, not a sports development company and neither a web portal platform. Yet, Creinse will work in the all spheres of marketing communication, social activities, digital platforms, music and sports, whenever and wherever there is a new pathway to embrace and a new challenge to take on.

Creinse has already created milestones in the Bangladeshi music scene by hosting the international music superstars in the likes of Bryan Adams, Asha Bhosle, MLTR and Julian Marley.
  Creinse has also stepped into sporting arena by sponsoring Cub Cricket Festival in Mymensingh in March 2013. Cub Cricket Festival is an initiative of London Tigers UK and Kids Cricket World, UK and supported by Creinse to create a pipeline of young cricketing talents in the country.

Recently Creinse secured a brand license and program license agreement with Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Asia, a division of Viacom Inc., a leading provider of ‘glocal’ entertainment content, to initiate MTV program syndication in Bangladesh. Under this agreement, Creinse Limited will market and produce MTV program content and produce localized MTV formats for the Bangladesh market.

Creinse is also getting ready to launch its CSR initiatives which will reach out to make few lives better if not many.